Thursday, April 16, 2015

100km barefoot running world record challenge!

The current guiness world record holder is Wayne Botha from NZ with the time of 8:49:42 (2013). Does anyone wants to try to break this record?  In Japan, I know we have at least 10 people who can possible break the record, so we decided to do this event in Atsugi, Japan, about 1hour away from Tokyo.

Of course I'm going for this as well although I know it's going to be very difficult for me but at least I still have 7months to trai.

The course is all on the track 240 laps.

here are some problems with this event.

1 Because it's an official event and we need to do this chip timing in order to be qualified for the time,  we at least need 20 participants by Aug 1st.

2 Because we are using track and the time is very limited.  The maximum you can run is 10 hours.  So you have to run under 10 hours barefoot.   It's already difficult enough to find people who can run under 10hrs with shoes...

3 Whether this record gets admitted or not by guiness is unknown.  The race organizers will do the best they can to make it get admitted but in the end, guiness will decide whether this record is valid or not. so we have to see what happened.

anyway, we also have a 8hr barefoot relay as well, so if you think it's too difficult to do solo, yon can always do relay and cheer for the solos.

please click here for details and registration. It's only available in Japanese, so if you need any assistant, just let me know by face book or leave a comment on here.

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