Sunday, April 12, 2015

running barefoot may increase injury risk in older, more experienced runners

this article is from new york times, "barefoot running may be harder for older runners"

basically what this is saying is that older people who have a lot of running experience have more difficult time to adapt to barefoot running, therefore, i crease the risk of injury for these people.

do we need this research? isn't this understood?  if you've been running with thick cushioned shoes for a long time, kept striking hard with heels depending on the cushion, of course it's gonna be more difficult to adapt.  and of course if you get older, it will make it more difficult to adapt.    that's why you need to start small.  but the problem is that those experienced runners tend to jump right into running 10km-20km with barefoot/barefoot shoes.

so many elite athletes came to my event as well, but it's difficult for them as well. they've been running 1000+ km per month. and if they've been doing it for 10-20 years...  it's almost impossible unless they gave up on running totally and start from 0! but who is going to do it?

anyway, this is why it is very important to start running or playing barefoot at  a younger age. and if you didn't grow up running barefoot, you can still start at an older age, but need to remember it's going to take time.  

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