Friday, April 10, 2015

【shocking news】bunion healed in 90 mins

there is a karate master in okinawa that i met last year. he is so amazing that he treats almost everything. well i shouldn't use the term "treat" because he has no medical license. so he uses the term "instruct". with his instruction,  people with really bad join pains get so much better. even hospitals send their patients to him.  if the patients didn't wanna get surgery, doctors would tell them to go to him and if that doesn't help, they need to get surgery.  (and there hasn't been a single case that people ended up with surgery. so 100% people who were told to get surgery got better with his instruction)

anyway, most interesting part of what he does is that he just touches some parts and trying to find where the pain is coming from or where the problem come from. " maybe here, or maybe there. here it is" makes it look so easy.

anyway, this time he was asked to help with bunion.

if you want to believe it or not, i don't care. but at least this person's bunion got better right away. there are so many things that we don't know. and this is a great example.

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