Friday, April 10, 2015

Embarrassing law suit in Japan

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Japan is going down... as a society. we definitely losing the concept of "self-responsibility" i've been paying attention to this incident.

kids playing soccer at school and their ball accidentally went outside. and the 85yo man was driving a motorbike and trying to avoid the ball and he broke the balance and fell. he didm't die from it but he APPARENTLY became alzheimer right after the accident. 1.5 year later, the old man became pneumonia and passed away... and the old man's family member sued the boy's parents to be responsible for the accident.  again, he's already 85yo driving motorbike. and he died  from pneumonia 1.5year after that accident...

oosaka district court, and oosaka high court both penalized the parents for being responsible for this accident and was asked to pay about$USD100,000.  but finely supreme court didn't find the parents guilty...  first of all, why such a different result in each case.  if the parent stayed quiet, they almost had to pay $100,000.

of course i feel bad for the old man and his family but nothing more or less than that. 
in japan, we already have sooooo many rules about how to use parks etc. so many things are banned to do because   it's "dangerous".    the kids's sports tests' score are going down so badly. and we all know that they need to play outside more but where are they gonna play?

this kind of society definitely makes what i do more difficult. people are just want to blame on other people and not feel almost any self responsibility.  you know what this reminds me of? america.  
i like a lot of things about US, but something i cannot understand is the lawsuit.

when i was living in the us, i was surprised there are  so many tv shows about the lawsuits. and sometimes parents sue their kids for not paying back the school tuition. so many things that people sue for that you wound never think you would sue for.  and i remember going to school,  i wasn't even in a law department but so many times i heard the term, "oh, that's against the law..." from my friends and class mates...

laws are to be abused to make money???

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