Wednesday, April 8, 2015

quit smart phones or quit school

This was in the news a few days ago in Japan. (for the article click here.)

The president of Shinshu university said to the students,

" you either quit smart phones or quit school. "

He also added

 "Smart phones are nothing but poisons for one's intelligence, individuality, originality. Turn off the phone and Read books, talk with friends and make it a habit to think by yourself. and that makes a good Shinshu University students”

I just thought, wow, that's really nice him saying that to his students. But the respond to this was extremely opposite especially for younger generation. 

"it's impossibly to live without smart phones. " "That mentality is so old! "

I don't know if this is just a generation gap.

To me, that shows how much these younger people are depending on or addicted to the smart phone. I'm using an iPhone as well but if there is no iPhone, I just think it's a little inconvenient. That's about it. 
the problem here is about losing thinking ability. 

The president of the school just gave this as an example i think. this stopped thinking ability is becoming a big problem in Japan as he pointed out. 

this also applies to what i do, the barefoot running. In Japan, when i talk about barefoot running, so many people say "oh, that's impossible!" or " that's not for me, i cannot do that". that's a very typical response. (also in other countries, people respond differently. i get the most negative feedback in japan ) People don't even think about their own body function.  

People need to sometimes put those items (like smart phones or shoes) aside and think about what you can do without it. Knowing what you can do is to me is  very fundamental as a human being.  and things you cannot do, use items. Especially Japan is very saturated with so many products, we need to start thinking about this kind of things. 

I remember my friends and I were talking about that we might be the last generation to change this. Before it becomes too late, let's do it!

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