Saturday, April 18, 2015

barefoot, minimal shoes, 0 drop blah blah blah

I'm often asked about the difference between barefoot running and running with minimal (or barefoot) shoes.  I would just say barefoot is barefoot, and minimal shoes are shoes that can mimic barefoot running.  Then people ask me, what about 0 drop?  0 drop shoes are just the ones that have same thinking of heel and forefoot cushion.

nothing less or more. but minimal shoes is tricky because it's supposed to be barefoot "feeling" shoes. what is "barefoot feeling" right?  what is the definition?

i don't think there is a definition for it. in general nike free is considered minimal. but if you take a closer look at it or if you actually wear it, you realize it's got quite a lot of cushion with some arch support.  mizuno and asics also made similar type of "natural running" shoes that are similar to nike free.  so that's why people started to use the word 0 drop. which has the same height over heel and forefoot. 

but then what about the thick cushion shoes that have 0 drop like hoka? that's a good example right? it's 0 drop but really thick. so it's not just about 0 drop. then it's a thickness? maybe i would say less than 5mm to be called minimal shoes?   then what about luna sandals and tarahumara's harache?  
these sandals are especially giving people the impression that they are barefoot feeling shoes/sandals. but they are kind of thick sole. harache were made from car tires.  

what about those fashion shoes that are thin and 0 drop? 

it can go endless. of course someone can define what minimal shoes are. but is it necessary? 

basically more you put on, less you use your own body.  so it's just about  how much can you cut the function of the shoes.  it all depends on the person. person's experience, the feet condition, etc. 

the one of the best benefit about running barefoot is to know about yourself. maybe you can do more, or you can do less.  there are small number of people who can adopt right away to running barefoot. i'm definitely not one of them.  and maybe that made me think more and being able to talk more about barefoot running. who knows.

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